Friday, October 12, 2007

quick take on MS product development lifecycle

first generation - buy well and/or copy well and/or steal well
second generation - streamline, update, standardize
third generation - add "features" that will be used by 2% or less of your users (bloat)
forth generation - add more bloat
fifth generation - add more bloat
Coming soon - thoughts on a flat rate federal income tax and why it's a really bad idea....


Tree said...

I see your point.... so lets call Vista 4th generation. What the hell are we to get when 5th gen rolls around?

What happens when they start the cycle from scratch. I really don't think Apple will be willing to sell M$ OSX.

DreamTheEndless said...

windows 1 was copied from the original Macintosh operating system.

(When Apple was designing the original Macintosh, they knew no one would buy it if there were no applications for it, so they partnered with Microsoft - asked them to come in and write a word processing application for them. That was the birth of MS Word 1.0 and the birth of Windows. The MS programmers were onsite at apple headquarters writing the very first version of MS Word for the new "Macintosh" computer - and when Bill saw the Mac OS he knew that Microsoft had to copy it if Microsoft was to survive.)

Tree said...

Just saying... Vista won't be the last of the bloat cycle.