Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ok - I'm no terrorist, but Jesus...

I know nothing about explosives except what I learned by growing up as a male in the 80s and 90s in the united states and even I could have done a better job than that dumb motherfucker in New York... I mean - gasoline and firecrackers? shit.... I don't want to give any instructions or spoilers or anything, but have you ever heard of a pipe bomb? (There's this thing called the internet - it can give you some details....) Is there someone stupider? I think that's the greatest weakness of the latest batch of "terrorists." They are all stupid. Chronically stupid. Debilitatingly stupid. If we ever had someone with half a brain wanting to damage the united states, we'd be in trouble.

This all brings me back to one of my (least) favorite topics: the TSA (douchebags.)

I'm not going to talk about the time that they cut off my TSA approved locks instead of using their TSA master key to just unlock them or the time they used a screwdriver to pry open (and break) the case to a "tool-less" external hard drive enclosure... Instead - recent events have confirmed my conclusion that these low-paid, un-vetted non-technical gorillas are doing nothing to keep us "safe" and secure. Further - it seems to me that our government cares much more about making it appear as if they are making us safe then they do about actually making us safe.

It's like our "war on drugs"... Fighting the war on drugs is much more important than putting an end to drug crime. The western world has plenty of examples on how to reduce crime and reduce drug related crime, but we turn a blind eye because we think it's a public relations "win" to keep fighting the "war on drugs." I'm disgusted...

Ok - sorry. Rant over.