Monday, April 14, 2008

More breaking news from ONN - Domestic abuse rates have dropped to zero.

Domestic Abuse No Longer A Problem, Say Bruised Female Researchers

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New online photoediting tool - Aviary -

I just did a 5 minute test with the new online photo-editing tool that Adobe is scared of - Aviary -

They are in beta right now, and I have some invites for friends - gmail me if interested. It looks far far better than Adobe's online crippled apps.... They are a joke really. This thing might not quite match thick-client photoshop, but it looks like it will do a better job than any of the other online solutions by far....

(Oh - Used GIMP the other day for the first time - was at work and I had to make a button with my work laptop. I don't yet have a full opinion of it - I'm pretty sure my biggest problem with it was that it was NOT photoshop - and by that I mean that the navigation was different and the tools worked differently and it was hard to get around in just because I'm familiar with a different way of doing things. I'll have to use it some more to really figure out how I feel about it - I'm guessing that my conclusion will be that it's not as good as photoshop, but I'm willing to keep an open mind for now. Oh - and as far as GIMP vs. Aviary - tough call considering how little experience I have with either of them, but for now, I may be leaning towards Aviary - we'll revisit this in a few weeks.)

New video for you to watch....

Ok - The Original that many of you have seen....

And, of course, the response....

And, the latest revelation -

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