Saturday, October 6, 2007

Poll Clarification

Some clarification has been requested for the poll questions.
In the question about ass-kickery - the 6 robots are the 6 robots from Bladerunner. There are 1000 zombies attacking the small town, 50 pirates, 10 ninjas... The aliens are clearly the aliens from the Alien movie series - think specifically the second movie, Aliens. There are 6 of them.
For the free-for-all battle royal we decided to make things a little more interesting....

The 6 robots are:

  • The Terminator (T800, not T1000. Or, Arnold to those who don't remember which model was which.)
  • Lieutenant Commander Data (before his emotion chip)
  • Robocop (technically a cyborg, but close enough) - He's the only robot with a weapon; he has his pistol and 200 rounds.
  • The special robot from the iRobot movie. (For the Asimov fans out there, he can be considered a slightly modified zeroeth law robot who is very strong and very fast.)
  • A 'Bishop style' robot based on the Alien movie series
  • Rutger Hauer's character from Bladerunner
The robots are working together as a team. (The selection criteria for the robots was: "Classic Humanoid Movie Robots" - If you have suggestions for others, post it in the comments section.)

  • There are 1000 zombies.
    • Zombification is caused by a bacteria that infects the tissue.
    • The bacteria kills you and re-animates corpses. Corpses can be re-animated whether or not they were killed by the bacteria.
    • Get some infected blood or saliva in your eye, mouth, or in a cut, you're one of them in a few hours. Get some on your skin, you're probably OK if you clean it off quickly.
    • Zombies can not be used as hosts for aliens - the aliens need live hosts.
    • To kill a zombie you must destroy or remove the brain. (Cutting the head off of a zombie is pretty much good enough because at that point they're not much more than a soccer ball.)
    • Zombie corpses are still infectious.
  • There are 100 ninja with swords and other period equipment
  • There are 100 pirates with swords, muzzle loading rifles and a few muzzle loading pistols. Let's say they have enough powder for about 20 to 30 shots each.
  • There is 1 queen alien, 6 soldier aliens, and a room full of mature eggs.

They all get dropped off in separate but equal sections of a very large defunct space station that still has life support and motion-sensing power doors, but not much else. They all know that there are "enemies" somewhere in the space station, but they don't know anything else. The only firearms in the entire space station are those of the pirates and Robocop's pistol.

There are a few classic spaceship tools lying around, like welders and such as well as a small supply of metal bits, chains, etc.

There's enough food and water on the space station that the pirates and ninja (and Robocop, Rutger Hauer, and Bishop) could live for a few months.

So - who would be left standing at the end?

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DreamTheEndless said...

Rating system for the robots:
S (smartness) 1 - 10, 1 is an average person, 2 is einstein
B (badass) 1 - 10, 1 is an average person, 2 is a navy seal
t800 - B10 S2
robocop - B6 S1
data - B7 S10
bishop - B4 S8
rutger hauer - B3 S3
iRobot - B8 S7
to complicate things, the iRobot bot is bound by the 3 laws (+ the zeroeth law)